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Why the Saints released Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey, New Orleans Saints, who were very quiet so far this season (unless the question of where coach Sean Payton that life), some very good news from last week. Jeremy Shockey fired.

We could do something bad pun on “schockierenden”zu do, but this movement is not really a surprise here is why.:

Age and longevity. Shockey a 31 before the start of the season. Injuries have been a problem throughout his career and has never been a full season of 16 games won. In his three seasons in New Orleans, Shockey missed eight games with various injuries. Not younger, and its sustainability is likely to suffer even more in the future.

Money. The Saints got what they wanted the agreement was negotiated in 2008 Crash. He helped them win the Super Bowl, but never had a huge influence. Editor Shockey contract last year, this movement is a financial plan. Shockey was to have $ 4,700,000 against the salary cap this year. If winning $ 4,200,000 in base salary plus a bonus of $ 500,000 to reports reveal training camp. But the Saints do not pay a cent, and Shockey has no cost against the salary cap because his signing bonus proration, were included in previous years.

The new kid in town. From the standpoint of pure football Shockey is interchangeable, and in this decision. Jimmy Graham has quickly emerged as a rookie this past season and has invested enormous. We can assume the role of tight end Shockey pass-catcher, and perhaps better than ever Shockey. Saints are likely to keep David Thomas in a rotation with Graham. Thomas is a receptor inhibitor solid and reliable.

“Jeremy has played an important role in supporting our team a Super Bowl Championship in New Orleans to bring,” said Payton, Assistant New York, connected as the Giants Shockey. “He has contributed to the success of our attack, both as a receiver and pass blocking performance, and we appreciate their efforts.”

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