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Reality Steve: Who Does Brad Womack Pick?

Who Does Brad Womack Pick? – The Bachelor Brad Womack finally in his last two daughters, Chantal O’Brien and Emily Maynard. After Ashley home late to watch the emotional last night, Brad seems ready to move forward and find a woman to one of Emily and Chantal.

Steve is really the king of spoilers degree, and now everyone wants to know, “Brad Womack is to choose Who me?” According to reports completed from reality Steve degrees by 2011, could very well go anyway.

Reality Steve first said Chantal O’Brien went with a ring on her finger and her boyfriend Brad Womack, but in the last two days, changed his story and said that Emily Maynard the person Brad is busy.

Therefore, the story is true? Brad Womack Who should I choose? Take someone? It seems that not even the real Steve’s for sure!