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Rare attacks on Afghan Shiites

A suicide bomber turned a mass of Shiite worshippers who packed a mosque of Kabul Tuesday, a holy day, at least 56 people killed and four more Shiites killed a second bomb attack in a different city. They were the first major sectarian attacks since the fall of the Taliban a decade ago.

A third attack, a motorcycle bomb in the southern city of Kandahar killed a civilian. But police said that it Ashoura, reminds not Shiites aim, as they are the seventh century Prophet Muhammad’s death marked grandson Imam Hussein.

Religiously motivated attacks on Shiites are rare in Afghanistan, although they are common in neighboring Pakistan.

A man who claimed to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, one of Pakistan’s most ruthless Sunni militant group which has carried out attacks against Shiite Muslims, referred to various media in Pakistan to claim responsibility for the bombing in Kabul, which was reminiscent of the wave of sectarian attacks which shook it Iraq at the height of the war. The validity of the claims could not be determined.

The bomber blew up in a crowd of men, women and children outside the Abul Fazl shrine collected. Mahood Khan, who for the shrine close to the Presidential Palace in is responsible, said the explosion occurred outside a packed courtyard, where dozens of people were lined up as the crowded building filed.


Some men were mourning, a Ashoura tradition are reflected and food was distributed.

“It was a very powerful explosion,” Khan said. “The food was everywhere.” It was out of control. Everyone cried shouting. It is a disaster.

Body of the dead lay on the other where she fell. Survivors with blood smeared faces called in the midst of chaos. Make a few minutes after the explosion, could be considered load, the trunks of cars while wounded by friends and execute related. Survivors wept in the streets.

Mustafa, a shop owner, said that he and his mother have been providing food for the faithful at the the explosion. Two groups of 150 to 200 people from Kabul had just prayed at the shrine and links.

Another group of more than 100 from the province of Logar was type, when the explosion occurred. He said that the suicide bomber was at the end of the line of the faithful of Logar, when he blew one of the gates to the shrine to near.

“It was very loud.” My ears went numb and I was there and 3 m (M), “, said Mustafa, who uses only a name.” “There was smoke and red blood on the floor of the shrine.” “There were people everywhere are.”

The shrine of the speakers continue to blast a recitation of the Qur’an facilities such as ambulances carried out and away wounded. Women stood outside whining and crying children.

The Ministry of public health said 56 were killed – including two women and four children. Sayed Kabir Amiri, who is responsible for Kabul hospitals more than 160 said were wounded. It was the deadliest attack in the Afghan capital in more than three years.

Four other Shiites were killed in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. A bomb on a bicycle as a convoy of Afghan Shiites strapped drove exploded on the streets, shouting slogans for Ashoura. Spokesman of the Ministry of health of Sakhi Kargar gave the death toll and said 21 people were injured.

The Interior Ministry said that police mitigated built a further bomb in Mazar-i-Sharif in the vicinity of which blew up air.

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