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Caught - connecting to advance - talkafrique, When president robert mugabe’s younger sister, sabina, died in harare after a short illness, pictures showed the 86-year-old president looking devastated at her. About "zimbabwe situation" - the daily news digest since 2000, Why this daily archive of post clippings started in 2000, why the job isn't yet complete and how to connect and share messages about the zimbabwe situation. Baba jukwa abused as mugabe returns home, Shadowy facebook character, baba jukwa who had said president mugabe had collapsed has had to fend off online abuse after mugabe returned home from singapore. in one.

Reckitt closes zim factory | the herald - zimbabwe situation, This zimsituation website is definitely becoming a sidekick of the herald. if we wanted to know so much of what is said in the herald, we would go onto their website.