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When Is The Character Of Phyllis Newman Returning To Y And R

About y&r: who's who in genoa city | phyllis summers, Works for jabot cosmetics briefly vice president of research and development at newman enterprises formerly worked for the tagngrab website former editor in chief of. Casting rumors ‘y&r’: will phyllis newman be recast, Michelle stafford exited the role of phyllis newman last year and there has been much speculation on whether the role will be recast or if the character will be. Michelle stafford leaves ‘y&r’, phyllis newman behind, Michelle stafford is leaving the role of phyllis newman behind on “the young and the restless.” her character is currently unconscious and may have sustained an.

About y&r: who's who in genoa city | summer ann newman, In 2006, nick newman and phyllis summers became attracted to each other, and began a steamy affair. nick's wife sharon found out, she and nick separated.. Phyllis summers - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Phyllis summers newman (formerly romalotti and abbott) is a fictional character from the american cbs daytime soap opera the young and the restless. created and. ‘the young and the restless’: michael muhney leaving, I totally agree w silvia’s post. michael muhney and billy miller are two of the best actors on y & r. not only are they each unique and have that.

Y&r: phyllis finds out that nicholas' plane went down, Michael tells phyllis about the plane crash. Michelle stafford shares her thoughts on if y&r will, Sue replied july 26th, 2013 at 11:18 pm. i to am a sharon fan, and i hate what the writers have done to her! i am not a fan of phyllis , that being said i. Should y&r try to nab trevor st. john as the recast adam, Harry replied december 22nd, 2013 at 10:38 pm. kay, always love your comments and agree with them as i do with this one. but i just have to defend fairman.