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Predictions For Obama And America

’2016′: obama plans to ‘take america down’, The right stuff '2016': obama plans to 'take america down' startling predictions now coming true at breakneck speed published: 11/26/2013 at 9:43 pm. Prediction: romney crushes obama in presidential election, Put this column in a drawer and take it out on the date below. let me know how many of these predictions i got right. the great experiment in. Shocking! uncanny 1958 prediction coming true; america's, In 1958 robert welch founder of john birch society disclosed in a speech that america is going to be destroyed from within. mr welch goes on to tell how.

Watchman's 2013 predictions for obama - youtube, 1) iran's war on the west - revelation 6:3-4 & jeremiah 51:11 -13 2) great depression of 2013 - habakkuk 2:7 3) obama becomes most unpopular us president. Snopes.com: what does obama read?: 'the post-american world', Origins: the above-displayed photographs of barack obama carrying (and presumably reading) the best-selling book, the post-american world, is a real one. Worldnetdaily - wnd - a free press for a free people, A free press for a free people since 1997 wnd exclusive: oops! obama 'champion' scrubbed from website wnd exclusive: harry reid's last roundup.

How obama will ruin america | real jew news, How obama will ruin america. america in decline articles, obamanation articles. how obama will ruin america by brother nathanael kapner, copyright 2008-2011. Prediction: romney beats obama, handily | national review, Prediction: romney beats obama, handily which candidate will get the electoral votes of the target states?. America's electoral map: a 2012 election forecast, America's electoral map uses the wisdom of the crowd to forecast the 2012 presidential election..