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Parrilla Torture

Parrilla (torture) - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The parrilla is a method of torture where the victim is strapped to a metal frame and subjected to electric shock. contents 1 name 2 usage 3 effectiveness 4 elsewhere. Parrilla - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Parrilla may refer to: parrilla is a spanish surname, the diminutive of parra, meaning vine bower or trellis (architecture), for example a pergola, or especially the. Main/electric torture - television tropes & idioms, The electric torture trope as used in popular culture, with a list of examples from all media..

Remember-chile - inside the dictatorship - torture in the, Amnesty international, torture in the eighties, amnesty international publications 1984 [p.150] chile. torture of political detainees by members of the security. Rack - definition of rack by the free online dictionary, Rack 1 (răk) n. 1. a. a framework or stand in or on which to hold, hang, or display various articles: a trophy rack; a rack for baseball bats in the dugout; a drying. Grilled - definition of grilled by the free online, Grill (grĭl) tr.v. grilled, grill·ing, grills. 1. to broil on a gridiron. 2. to torture or afflict as if by broiling. 3. informal to question relentlessly; cross.

Tortura - wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre, La tortura es el acto de infligir dolor físico o psicológico por parte de una autoridad pública, o de alguien amparado por ella, con el fin de obtener información. Inner city press - blogger, Inner city press: on mali, i wanted to thank you for this written answer you gave yesterday afternoon that mali has said that its completed its investigation of the. Main/of corset hurts - television tropes & idioms, Corsets are painful, the popular theory goes. squeezing four or more inches from your waist in order to get that perfect figure? dear god, woman, that must be torture.