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Northeast Snow Storm This Weekend 2014

Northeast snow storm brings extreme cold to u.s., Boston (ap) — a blanket of white provided the northeast with little relief from teeth-chattering temperatures that forecasters said will rise over the. At least 13 died in winter storm that dumped more than 2, At least 13 deaths have been attributed to the winter storm that walloped the northeast with snow overnight and delivered bone-chilling temperatures today. Winter storm brings snow, cold to the northeast (video/photos), Boston (ap) — homeowners and motorists dug out across the white-blanketed northeast on friday as extreme cold ushered in by the storm threatened fingers.

First 2014 winter storm targets northeast | weatherbug, Farther east, winter storm warnings cover most of new york, eastern pennsylvania, northern delaware, new jersey, and most of new england, including philadelphia, new. Northeast getting slammed with cold, snow as winter storm, “every once in a while these little winter storms go bananas, and we think this might be the one,” said kevin roth, a lead meteorologist with the weather channel.. Another winter storm whacks mid-atlantic, northeast - cnn.com, After walloping the south, a winter storm arrives faster than forecasters predicted in the northeast, with more snow accumulating than expected..

Winter storm hits northeast with heavy snow, wind, A massive winter storm pounded the northeast early friday with heavy winds and driving snow, shutting down boston's airport, and prompting cancellations of. Biggest winter storm of season takes aim at northeast, The northeast braced saturday for a storm stretching over 1,000 miles that could dump at least a foot of snow on parts of new england. utilities and airports were on. Winter storm hercules: at least 16 deaths blamed on, Winter storm hercules unleashed heavy snow and ferocious winds on the midwest and northeast this week, before exiting the east coast of new england late.