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Baba jukwa ‘funder’ implicates minister, Via baba jukwa ‘funder’ implicates minister 20 july 2014. a south africa-based zimbabwean wanted by the police for allegedly financing baba jukwa has dismissed. Baba jukwa disappears from facebook - zimbabwe situation, Controversial blogger baba jukwa has disappeared from social networking site facebook sparking speculation over the future of the popular page. Baba jukwa, social media and zimbabwe | it news africa, The baba jukwa facebook page currently has 300 000 plus followers, and regularly leaks details on the activities of the zimbabwean government (with contact.

Chronicle editor mathuthu speaks on baba jukwa, mai jukwa, But help was on hand. enter mai jukwa. overnight, a man-and-husband team was waging war on the internet in defence of zanu-pf. whereas i thought baba jukwa was a. Baba jukwa and the goblin that went rogue, Clearly, from the grace mugabe political intervention to the baba jukwa saga, zimbabweans in zanu-pf and outside are engaged in the fierce olympics of power.. Name baba jukwa ministers: mutasa - zimbabwe, Baba jukwa: happy to help, moyo tells cops ; baba jukwa: police summon minister moyo ; baba jukwa ‘funder’ implicates minister ; baba jukwa: police name financier.

Baba jukwa & gono exposed | zimdev - zimdev | don't ask, I have to apologise for turning into a gossip columinist but the zimbabwe elections this time are really stirring up a lot of trouble. there are a lot of. Baba jukwa, 'zimbabwe's own julian assange' - voices of africa, The page reveals what it claims are exposés by well-connected insiders of mugabe’s health secrets, murder, assassination and corruption plots, and intended. Name baba jukwa ministers – mutasa | zimeye, The state claims it has traced the mysterious yet stupendously popular blogger baba jukwa’s account to kudzayi. following his arrest on thursday last week, kudzayi.