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Japans Radiation Leak

Ghost caught on tape during radiation leak testing in old, An incredible ghost apparition was caugh on tape this week during a visit to old wwii tunnels in the mountains of japan. the camera started to go crazy and. Fire hits japan nuke plant , no radiation leaks - channel, Tokyo: a minor fire broke out at a nuclear power plant in western japan on wednesday but there was no fear of a radiation leak, a utility spokesman said.. Japan nuclear crisis: fukushima plant to be entombed in, Dr john price said radiation leaks will continue and it could take 50 to 100 years before the nuclear fuel rods have cooled enough to be removed..

New radioactive leak reported at japan's fukushima plant, The operator of japan's fukushima nuclear plant says 100 metric tons of highly contaminated water have leaked out of a tank in the worst incident at the. Bbc news - radiation leak found outside japan nuclear reactor, Highly radioactive water has been found for the first time outside one of the reactor buildings at japan's quake-hit fukushima nuclear plant, officials say.. Does potassium iodide protect people from radiation leaks, A full meltdown has been avoided so far at japan's 40-year-old fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. neverless, as far away as tokyo, 240 kilometers to the south, the city.

Japan tv: ‘problem on their hands’ at fukushima, Japan tv: ‘problem on their hands’ at fukushima, constant flow of water pouring from foot-wide leak at reactor 3; “they don’t know where water it’s coming. Japan nuclear plant leaks radioactive water - nytimes.com, Tokyo — tens of thousands of gallons of radioactive water leaked from a large underground storage pool at japan’s crippled nuclear plant, and thousands. Fukushima leak classified as 'serious radiation incident, Japan’s nuclear regulation authority has raised the rating of the radioactive water leak at the tsunami-hit fukushima nuclear power plant to level 3.