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Hoagland On Ison

Richard c. hoagland - inicio, - about richard c. hoagland - a hyperdimensional sdi test? - a key to the mystery of comet origins in the current visit of hale-bopp?. Richard c. hoagland - guests - coast to coast am, Biography: richard c. hoagland is a former space science museum curator; a former nasa consultant, and during the historic apollo missions to the moon, was science. Coast to coast am, Coast to coast am - ufos, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. overnight talk radio with daytime ratings..

Crop circle reveals comet ison was a spacecraft and july, A crop circle that appeared 11 miles southeast of salinas, california on december 28, 2013 contains three coded messages according to renowned crop circle. Red ice members - why subscribe?, Red ice members content to listen to all red ice radio programs in their entirety, you need a membership. sign up now. already a subscriber? go to redicemembers.com. Mike bara.com: is comet ison a spaceship? who am i to say no?, Stuff like this freaks me out. a couple days ago i saw some youtube videos claiming that the "comet of the century," comet ison, was a "spaceship.".

Crop circle reveals comet ison was spacecraft & july 2014, Screenshot of ksbw tv coverage of salinas crop circle interpretation. comet ison depicted in upper left background. exopolitics.org. Planet x, nibiru, polar shift, new madrid fault, earthquake, Survivethechanges.com offers information on planet x or nibiru, and a possible polar shift or new madrid fault earthquake.. Mike bara.com: video, Mike bara new york times bestselling author of "the choice" and "dark mission - the secret history of nasa" and frequent ancient aliens contributor..