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Has Vnd Revalued

Vietnamese dong – revalue 2014 - global currency reset, Vietnamese dong dominick giammarino the official currency of vietnam is the dong. it has never been revalued since around 1963 when the vietnam war was starting off.. Sell or buy iraqi dinar | iraqi dinar revaluation | buy, Buy and sell currencies including the iraqi dinar, vietnamese dong and over 80 other currencies. Vietnamese dong revaluation next in line | safe and secure, Vietnamese dong is ready to leave the unlikely past behind. if the vietnamese economy resorted to currency devaluation in the past, there’s no longer any reason for.

Revalue of vietnamese dong 2014 | iraqi dinar exchange rate, The vietnamese dong exchange rate australian dollar, the vietnamese dong exchange rate vs the australian dollar is currently 19400 vnd to 1 aud. stated another way, 1. Vietnamese dong revaluation - moneysavingexpert.com forums, Vietnamese dong revaluation savings & investments does this mean that dong are the new silver? should we be putting all our savings into dong etfs?. Category: vietnamese dong revaluation - dong guru, 12-5-2012 intel dong guru footforward the vietnam currency value tanked because of inflation. vietnam cannot carry a high value to their currency..

Tmf: i have a question about the vietnam dong or vnd / ask, Recently i was talked into buying vnd vietnam dong. the people that talked me into this think that any day now it will be revauled at over 1.00.. Vietnamese dong – showing $0.47 – private exchange, I think we have to ask a few questions: what should we do after we exchange? should we get into rubles and yuan after the reset and hold any of the super currency or. Global currency revaluation | free at last, Yes as of today the sos has changed from 1605 last friday to 1581.97 today. that means that it’s being traded at those rates. ahhhhhhh, but you can’t get that.