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You can't fix stupid: the iraqi dinar scam lives - forbes, In the words of popular comedian ron white, "you can't fix stupid." that phrase, as elegant in its simplicity as it is frankly true, applies with special. Inside the dubious dinar revaluation ruse - forbes, As followers of the iraqi dinar know, there are a lot of "updates" out there on the various websites that either sell or track the troubled currency. most. Nesara- republic now - galactic news: dinar : rv updates, Last request for your help. your donation support for john’s family survival appreciated. my family internet was going down friday need $100!.

Dinar douchebags: december update - blogspot.com, Addressing the hype surrounding the iraqi dinar to prevent more people from being misled about this investment. we will be updating this blog periodically. Forbes & manhattan | iraq business news, Genel energy has issued the following update on its operations at the chia surkh block in kurdistan: on 16 january 2012, genel energy plc (“genel energy. Dinar recaps - dinargurupro.com, Be sure to click here to join our daily email list for our most up to date posts about the dinar for your convience!.

Dinar douchebags | iraq currency watch, I was just about like every other investor i came into contact with. the iraqi dinar was my first real investment outside of my 401k. i knew nothing about currencies. Iraqi dinar speculation - investment or scam? un-biased, Interesting info-> coins & money-> iraqi dinar. iraqi dinar - investment or scam? speculation, re-valuation, re-domination? facts & resources. last update: april 12th. Iraqi dinar scam | iraq currency watch, Welcome to the latest dinar update. as gurus give updates about a potential fictional revalue, i will give updates about an imminent redenomination..