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Flu Projections 2012 2013

Cdc - seasonal influenza vaccine supply for the u.s. 2013, Information about projections, amount of thimerosal-free vaccine, when vaccine is available for purchase, table of recommended and available flu vaccines - cdc. National influenza vaccine summit, 5 flucelvax (influenza virus vaccine) is the first cell culture–based influenza vaccine in the united states approved by the us-fda on november 20, 2012. Sanofi pasteur begins shipping fluzone® influenza virus, Sanofi pasteur begins shipping fluzone® influenza virus vaccine in u.s. for 2012-2013 season - early shipments of flu vaccine allow health care providers to begin.

Cdc - pandemic flu preparedness tools | pandemic influenza, Resources to help hospital administrators and state and local health officials prepare for the next influenza pandemic - cdc. Things to consider before getting the flu vaccine, Did you know that during the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine's effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups?. Using twitter to track the flu | hub, Sifting through social media messages has become a popular way to track when and where flu cases occur, but a key hurdle hampers the process: how to identify flu.

Eurosurveillance - view article, Influenza vaccine effectiveness estimates in europe in a season with three influenza type/subtypes circulating: the i-move multicentre case–control study, influenza. Is the flu vaccine always the answer? - mercola.com, Why do many flu shot recipients still come down with the flu?. College bowl games - 2013-14 college bowl game scores and, Get the latest scores, statistics, schedules, and more for this year's college football bowl games on espn.com..