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Did Dong Revalue August 2013

Vietnamese dong get ready for the rv revaluation, The official currency of vietnam is the vietnamese dong. it has never been revalued since around 1963 when the vietnam war was starting off. wikipedia article:. Vietnamese dong revaluation - moneysavingexpert.com forums, Vietnamese dong revaluation savings & investments does this mean that dong are the new silver? should we be putting all our savings into dong etfs?. Removing the shackles reports : the global revaluation of, Lucas : in the highlight of the weeks economic topic the following is mentioned: “the global revaluation of currencies (including the iqd and dong) is a.

The dong's revaluation is imminent by jc collins - nesara-, Economics: the dongs revaluation is imminent july 13, 2014 by jc collins the currency of vietnam is called the dong and has been pegged to the us dollar. Global reset and currency revaluation explained - nesara, Watch the forex this week for reset. dinar & dong are suppose to show up. green light for going to the bank . easy way to keep up with the forex exchange. The dongs revaluation is imminent | philosophyofmetrics, By jc collins. the currency of vietnam is called the dong and has been pegged to the us dollar for a very long time. the dong has been devalued consistently over the.

Currency revaluation confirmed by imf & federal reserve, That's the whole point of why 'the playing field will be leveled'. why do you think the ptw are fighting soooooooo hard to keep this from coming to fruition.. Global currency revaluation | removing the shackles, After last night’s post “what if: the tattered ball of twine”, i put the computer away for the night and had a (relatively) early night.. Iraqi dinar exchange rate - noobita - hide referrer & link, Iraqi dinar exchange rate - iraqi dinar rates compared to every world currency.