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Ben Fulford Updates 2013

Hipknowsys: benjamin fulford - august 12, 2013, The big geopolitical change that precipitated this sudden fed change of heart is the move by putin, the gnostic illuminati and their allies to force the us. Nesara- republic now - galactic news: ben fulford update, This is an awareness blog to consider the future of your world. actions are being done now to restore our world. watch and become aware! send comments/news. Hipknowsys: david wilcock update via benjamin fulford blog, I have been able to independently confirm, from insiders, what ben said last week about jp morgan having been sold to the chinese. very significant events.

Benjamin fulford update 12-31-13… “for the zionists, This ben message is similar to what stephen cook wrote, when he summarized the progress steps made in 2013. i look forward to posting the entire article.*. Benjamin fulford update: monday, dec. 2nd, 2013 | starship, Benjamin fulford – december 2, 2013: heavy duty last minute negotiations continue…. Benjamin fulford update dec. 10, 2013: still a few, Benjamin fulford update dec. 10, 2013: still a few cockroaches to deal with.

American kabuki: benjamin fulford - dec 16, 2013: nuclear, Monday, december 16, 2013 benjamin fulford - dec 16, 2013: nuclear terror perpetrators in japan to be included in ongoing asian purge of cabal flunkies. Karen hudes responds to ben fulford’s most recent post, 16 responses to karen hudes responds to ben fulford’s most recent post, june 4m 2013. Ben fulford: frenzy of murder, attempted murder and, You must have an immense endurance and courage, ben, to keep working in such stressful conditions. thanks! it’s like they are trying to cause tensions.