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Asteroid 2003 Qq47

Cnn.com - giant asteroid could hit earth in 2014 - sep. 2, A giant asteroid is heading for earth and could hit in 2014, u.s. astronomers have warned british space monitors.. (143649) 2003 qq47 - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, (143649) 2003 qq 47 (also written 2003 qq47) is an asteroid which became briefly notable upon its discovery in late august 2003 when media outlets played up a very. Asteroid 2003 qq47's potential earth impact in 2014 ruled out, Asteroid 2003 qq47's potential earth impact in 2014 ruled out paul w. chodas and steven r. chesley nasa's near earth object program office september 3, 2003.

Bbc news | uk | asteroid danger in 2014 downplayed, They say that there is a one in 909,000 chance of asteroid 2003 qq47 impacting our planet. the chances of a catastrophe are likely to become even slimmer once more. New asteroid threat to earth - impact potential in 2014, At around 1.2 km in width, 2003 qq47 is substantially smaller than 2002 nt7 (2km), but has been called "an event meriting careful monitoring" by astronomers.. Nasa neo program - near-earth object program, Nasa neo program office at jpl. overview, press releases, faq, 3d orbit viewer. research information and statistics, including risk calculations for possible.

Massive asteroid possible collision with earth - march 21, Asteroid hurtles towards earth. scientists were today, january 4th, 2014, warning of a possible asteroid collision with the earth. this the newly. Asteroid collisions danger - about, Asteroid on collision course with earth how much danger does asteroid 2002 nt7 or others pose to earth?. Folha online - ciência - asteroide está a caminho da, Um asteroide de pouco mais de um quilômetro de diâmetro estaria a caminho da terra e poderia colidir com o planeta em 21 de março de 2014, segundo astrônomos da.