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Aquatic Humanoid Sightings

Humanoid sighting reports & journal of humanoid studies, Humanoid sighting reports & journal of humanoid studies worldwide yearly listings of humanoid sighting reports and occasional articles as compiled by albert rosales. Demonic aquatic humanoid mermaid discovered in zimbabwe, Zimbabwe is abuzz with reports of a demonic-looking aquatic humanoid mermaid that caused the death of one chinese national worker engaged in the. Aquatic humanoids: progeny of the black lagoon or, Since the dawn of time legends have sprung up across the globe regarding strange, fish-tailed, half-human hybrids which were said to dwell in the briny depths.

Did marine geologists capture this video footage of an, Is this footage real or fake? this footage was revealed by animal planet, a division of discovery communications that has a reputation for presenting scientific. Mermaids don't exist, noaa website notes - livescience.com, The reference to "aquatic humanoids" alludes to a controversial theory called the aquatic ape theory, which suggests humans had an aquatic stage in our. Aquatic enigmas | american monsters, The melbourne zoological gardens mounted a “monster hunt” for this 30-foot long, bulldog-faced, ostensibly amphibious beast in 1890, after hysterical eyewitnesses.

Reptilian humanoids - case files 1-12 - inicio, Case file #1: from: "the reptilians: humanity’s historical link to the serpent race" by joe lewels, ph.d.: "john carpenter has kept close track of the abduction. The cryptid zoo: mermaids and mermen in cryptozoology, The cryptid zoo: mermaids and mermen in cryptozoology: modern sightings and reports. Cryptid chronicles - tumblr, ‘ningen’ humanoid sea creatures of the antarctic over the past few years, rumors have circulated in japan about the existence of gigantic humanoid life-forms.