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2014 Arctic Polar Vortex

Polar vortex - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale cyclone that circles either of the planet's geographical poles. on earth, the base of the polar vortices are located in. Frigid air from the north pole: what's this polar vortex, How frequently does this polar vortex distortion occur? the upper-level winds that make up the polar vortex change in intensity from time to time.. Fall 2014: polar vortex to visit northeast; south at risk, As fall 2014 takes form, the polar vortex will make sporadic visits to the northeast, as the west remains parched and the threat of a tropical impact looms over the.

2013–14 north american cold wave - wikipedia, the free, The 2013–14 north american cold wave was an extreme weather event extending from december 2013 to april 2014, and was also part of an unusually cold winter. [real] niagara falls completely frozen by polar vortex, While the polar vortex and record-breaking low temperatures are causing all sorts of environmental phenomena, in this case, the cold may have gone to our. A displaced polar vortex and its causes | watts up with that?, So what caused the weak vortex event, displacement of the northern stratospheric polar vortex and cold air outbreaks? there are several potential factors:.

This week’s new anomaly features twistersnow; next week, This week’s new anomaly features twistersnow; next week to see polar vortex collapse, more arctic heat. Polar vortex 2014: photos of a chicago deep freeze | colossal, Kevin roche. a quick local news segue, the wintry assault here in chicago as a result of the polar vortex has been bitterly cold and dangerous as temperatures plunged. How 'polar vortex' became the scariest word of 2014 so far, Remember last week when we all endured the terror that was the polar vortex? well, with the weather slightly warming up now we'd like to take a moment to.