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Manny Ramirez Quits Baseball

Manny Ramirez walked away from baseball on Friday, abruptly ended the career of mercury, one of the most talented – and dirty – hitter to play the game.

Falling Tampa Bay bats tested positive for a banned substance for the second time and reported to Major League Baseball, he would retire as the face of a suspension of 100 games.

“We are naturally surprised when we found out today, and pain of what happened,” said Rays VP Andrew Friedman, Ramirez signed to 2 million per year contract in the off season. “We are cautiously optimistic that he would be able to be a force for us.”

A person familiar with the situation confirmed to The Associated Press that the 12 All-Star tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the nature of the drug policy Ramírez Major League Baseball was not publicly known.

The Commissioner’s Office announced the decision of Ramirez in a statement, but gave few details. Ramírez was 50 games for violating the drug policy suspended in 2009, while the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the second time offenders will receive double punishment.

“Major League Baseball Manny Ramirez has recently been a question in the framework of the joint task Prevention of Major League Baseball and Drug Therapy” filed “the statement said. “Ramirez said of MLB, as the active player is retired. If Ramirez wants to reinstatement in the future, the process under the Comprehensive Drug Program.”

MLB has said he would not comment further.

The gardener of 38 years, designated hitter with 555 career home runs left on the shelves earlier this week on what the team calls a family matter to attend. Manager Joe Maddon said Thursday that he expected Ramirez to be for the game on Friday night in Chicago, but never appeared.

“Of course we are disappointed,” said Maddon U.S. Cellular Field. “But at the end of the day he has formed his own opinion. It is a choice, you need to do.”

Ramírez played only five games for the spokes, with one hit in 17 at-bats and hit a pinch hit Wednesday. If a strong spring training, then withdrew from the last exhibition game due to personal reasons.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Tampa Bay outfielder Johnny Damon, the Red Sox win to end a title drought of 86 years, the World Series in 2004, in which Ramirez was the MVP helped.

“I do not know everything that was mentioned. I only know that it is a great teammate and a great player,” Damon said when asked specifically about allegations of steroid. “It will be sad not to see Manny Ramirez always a baseball field.”

A school legend in the streets of New York, Ramirez was selected 13 overall by the Cleveland Indians in the 1991 amateur draft and quickly rose through the lower leagues, with a youthful exuberance and natural charm him almost all he met.

He started in the majors in 1993 and played his first full season next year when he finished second Royals Bob Hamlin was in the voting for rookie of the year. He has to create one of the most feared guys in the game, the adoption of dreadlocks, which reflect the happy and carefree behavior seemed – both inside and outside.

Ramirez signed with the Red Sox as a free agent in December 2000. He has contributed to the long-suffering franchise to win the World Series and again in 2007.

“It is sad to see a man, a very talented player and an amazing career from the game,” said Red Sox David Ortiz bat. “It has its problems, as most people know, but as a player, I think we did the right thing.”

The Red Sox have enough of these questions, but – the misconduct of Ramirez, his enigmatic personality – and the Dodgers traded him in July 2008.

Ramirez was an instant favorite, with “Mannywood” signs in the area were the city, which led to Los Angeles for the Western Division title and a sweep of the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the playoffs appeared. Ramirez’s performance will receive $ 45,000,000 two-year contract.

Anything not goodwill following May, when Ramirez tested positive for human chorionic gonadotropin, a drug banned female fertility will help to mask steroid use often.

According to a report in The New York Times later this summer, Ramirez was also tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during the anonymous survey testing in MLB in 2003.

Friday came strike three – unofficial – and Ramirez decided he was out.

“I’m surprised,” said Jason Giambi, Colorado, who has acknowledged using steroids during his career. “I always have a picture that it was but I knew how to beat people. It was incredible during the impact.”

Positive for a banned substance Ramirez is like baseball, which has worked hard to make the call on steroids was presented in the past, another of its big hitters, Barry Bonds, the study in San Francisco. Federal obligations are a burden, using a grand jury in 2003 for deliberately refusing performance-enhancing drugs.

Players and coaches also playing with a mixture of emotions left: Ramirez could again be confused, angry, use that baseball is still grappling with the specter of steroid, and disappointed that the other set was deleted key players.

“If you once got caught, I mean, is already a hit in 50 games, why try again?” White Sox Bobby Jenks said more cooperation Ramirez for a short period last season. “I mean, it’s a bit stupid, but I think he has his own decisions. Now he has to live with them.”

“It would have run out of bullets,” Phillies manger Charlie Manuel, who worked with Ramirez in Cleveland. “Father Time has caught up.”

The rays that were through their first six games without a win, he should Ramirez could some pop to a lineup that several important champions of the AL East has lost in the past year added. Finally, 0312 will end as a batsman with 13 seasons of 100 RBIs and 14 others on the run list career at home.

And probably an asterisk next to all these numbers.

“Major League Baseball are all these people. They do not play. Let the players know how difficult it will be,” said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. “They say,” Come on, guys, let us all these things look. “

“People think that playing baseball because they have a past,” Guillen said the activist. “If you get caught, it must be punished, because we now know that while the last five or six years more. Every player that is a risk of a major, because I will be visiting me. I do not even play. I ‘m glad you later. “

Acknowledged however, that Ramirez Guillen was one of the biggest guys in the game.

He led the AL with a .349 success rate in 2002 to second place in the next year, and improved AL-43 circuit was in 2004. He made over 200 million U.S. dollars during his playing career, which testifies to both his hit value and the fact that fans who fill the stadiums, only to see on stage.

Then there was the other side of Manny – his indifferent nature, especially in defense and basePath, managers, and rubbed some teammates the wrong way.

Ramirez hit four times in his major league debut in 1993. In his second game he hit two home runs and nearly a third – a long trip to Yankee Stadium has bounced off the left field fence for a double room. The problem was that Ramirez had his head down, and it was a home run, then ran past the base of the second and third, as he approached his teammates finally stopped chattering.

This is just Manny being Manny.

“Do not take life too seriously,” said Yankees catcher Russell Martin, who was with Ramirez in the Dodgers in 2009 and ’10. “I think some fans live and die with the game not just because it is at this level.”

The question now is whether drug use eternal shame.

Damon refused to discuss whether Ramirez reputation has been sullied, and decided to concentrate on his achievements in the field. They were teammates on the Red Sox 2002-05.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Damon. “I do not know everything that was mentioned. I only know that it is a great teammate and a great player.”

Ron Washington in Texas gave a dark of the artist.

“Until recently I thought it was on the way to the Hall of Fame,” said Washington. “I do not think many guys have such great success in his career as he did. There were not many children who have such influence in a game like him.”

“You hate to see the size suddenly disappears.”

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