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Fitness and Kinesiology research boosted by Cybex

Kinesiology - The Department of Kinesiology and Cybex International, Inc., has a new research and education, is in the CYBEX $ 120,000 worth of advanced equipment for use in body fitness center, including 10 new cardio and 12 formed new machines, training against resistance.

On 10 March ceremony in the gift and the reopening of the newly renovated facilities. Art Hicks, CYBEX Chairman Paul Juris, Managing Director of the Institute of Sports Science Patty S. Freedson joined Cybex, Director of the Department of Kinesiology, and Marjorie C. Aelion, Dean of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the ceremony. Sabine Holub, wife of the chancellor of the University of Massachusetts, Robert C. Holub and a well-known welfare agency staff tries to open the center every day to five hours, to meet at the event.

“We look forward to working with the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts, one of the best programs in the world of research and understanding advance of the exercise science,” said Hicks. “CYBEX s’ is committed to safe sports equipment more and efficiently as possible to provide. This research partnership will help us achieve this goal and to best serve the users of our products achieve. No other manufacturer of fitness equipment to other locations resources for the research. “

The Department of Kinesiology has Juris, a former student (’86G) worked program to deal with the lines of scientific research in exercise physiology, biomechanics and motor control. Under the new agreement with CYBEX, the department also to evaluate information on the equipment design and effectiveness in product development and prototypes.

“As CEO of the Institute of Cybex exercise science and is a graduate of the Faculty of Kinesiology, I am pleased to have helped create this partnership between two world-class institutions,” said Juris. “We are pleased with the students and teachers in our research efforts composite, develop solutions for health and well-being for our community and provide valuable information for professionals in health and fitness to work.”

Programs of the Department of Kinesiology graduates nationally in the first five placed in the latest rankings by both the National Research Council and the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education should immediately advantage of the research in collaboration with CYBEX. Freedson association “is important because they provide teachers and students important information about the research activities of the scientific community and CYBEX available. This information can inform further research and to adapt their products to CYBEX exercise concrete results.”

Among the studies are planned and a former professor of kinesiology:
• A new project of Biomechanics Graham Caldwell and Brian Umberger out
• examination is functionally Bravo Team CYBEX
• Silver Tobin, Director of The Body Shop began training with coach functional Bravo.

The agreement also strengthens the role of the body shop and education center for students in the pursuit of health, fitness, wellness and professional development interests. “The team contributes in many ways,” said Silver. “It helps students learn about the fitness industry and how the human element is taken into account in the design of equipment before. In addition, students can use the device to provide fitness assessments and designing programs for the community. The is in order because the program design to help student practice and community members to focus on, because they publish the journey for a healthy lifestyle. “CYBEX well as students and trainees to white papers on topics related to the ability of the company.

Totman in the building on the campus of the University of Massachusetts located in Amherst, The Body Shop is a non-profit laboratory and staff of the fitness center at the Faculty of Kinesiology and students with experience in the theory and practice of the year. Membership is open to the public and students at a reduced price.

Cybex International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment is, in Medway, Massachusetts

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