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Iowa Caucus: Romney edges Santorum with 8 voices

Mitt Romney won the first presidential preference contest 2012 only eight votes Tuesday, barely edges from a rising Rick Santorum in Iowa political groups.The two men-of which none was only recently a month is expected to gewinnen-- ran neck and neck and finished in a virtual tie. The second place limited a remarkable surge in popularity for Santorum, who had concentrated his entire campaign and tight budget on Iowa.Romney 2008, but had his campaign 2012 on other early primary second in Iowa in the ... more→

The Caucus: Iowa Caucuses: Five Things to Watch

DES MOINES — Sometime after 7 p.m., all over Iowa, more than 100,000 hardy souls will gather in their communities to pick a Republican nominee for president. For the next several hours, the rest of the country will be waiting for those Iowans to pull the trigger on the starting pistol for the 2012 campaign. Some years the Iowa dynamic is clear — a yes-or-no, this-one-or-that-one proposition that is easily answered by the result at the end of the night. This won’t be one of those years. The three ... more→

The Caucus: Obama and Republicans Seek to Define 2012

  DES MOINES – The 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney said on Thursday, “could be our last chance” to save the United States from Greece-like bankruptcy. The nation, he said, is “only inches away from no longer being a free economy.” The task ahead, he proclaimed at another campaign stop days before the Iowa caucuses kick off ... more→

Pitching Iowa Evangelicals, Candidates Pack Religion Into Ads

DES MOINES — There is Rick Perry, a stained-glass window and a large illuminated cross over his right shoulder, looking more preacher than politician. An aerial shot of a soaring church steeple zooms into focus a few seconds later. Then — blink and you’ll miss it — a picture of Mr. Perry, the Texas governor, with his arm around Mike Huckabee flashes on the screen. In more overt ways than ever, Republican candidates vying for support from Iowa caucusgoers are turning to religious language and ... more→

Congress delayed the political struggle

All the issues in dispute remains unresolved, waiting to be directed to the Congress returns next month for a meeting of election year in which it could be even more difficult to achieve agreements. Basically, the new law, signed Friday by Mr. Obama, preserves the status quo through February, so that negotiators from the House and Senate may try to reach long-term agreements on the payroll tax for Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare and some other topics, as the form of the welfare program that provides ... more→