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Urgency for a Tuesday debate

High stakes for tomorrow night’s debate… The town-hall format could prove or disprove that Romney is out of touch with middle-class concerns… What changed and what didn’t since the first debate… What if it’s the demography, stupid?... Ryan campaigns in Wisconsin and Ohio, while First Lady Michelle Obama is also in Ohio. *** High stakes: With new national polls (Washington Post/ABC, Politico) showing a very close contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney, as well as tightening battleground-state internals that we’ve heard about, the stakes for ... more→

Ryan, Romney blast WH on China currency manipulation

Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., campaigns at Youngstown State University, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 in Youngstown, Ohio. Stressing the importance of manufacturing in a state with many blue-collar workers, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan used separate appearances in Ohio on Saturday to fault the Obama administration for failing to label China a "currency manipulator" by delaying a currency report until after the Nov. 6 election. Administration officials announced Friday they would be delaying the release of a ... more→

Romney: Biden ‘down double refusal’ Declaration on the Libya reaction

Mitt Romney seized Friday Vice President Joe Biden characterization the administration handling of last month's terrorist attack in Libya, accuse the Administration itself to contradict and "bottom double refusal." The Republican presidential candidate praised the performance of his Running Mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, in an early afternoon rally in Virginia, Romney only since yesterday evening vice presidential debate. Republican presidential candidate arrives Mitt Romney waves to the crowd as he for a rally in Richmond, VA., Friday, October 12, 2012. Republicans ... more→

Walker Recall Battle May Hurt Obama

A Republican resurgence here, which has burst into full view as the party determinedly defends its sitting governor in a rare recall election, is spilling into the presidential race. The result is poised to shape the general election fight between Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney, who intends to add Wisconsin to his list of targeted states. The president is bracing for a difficult set of challenges, which began last week when an uptick in the unemployment rate provided a fresh reminder of the beleaguered ... more→

Splintered Vote Throws Greek Politics Further Into Confusion

The prospects of political deadlock and possible new elections were rising after the traditionally dominant parties, New Democracy and the Socialists, which both backed Greece’s latest loan agreement with its foreign creditors, did not get enough of the combined vote to form a majority in Parliament. Several smaller parties, whose fortunes rose on a rich harvest of protest votes, refused to join in a coalition with the larger parties. The lack of a government could cast Greece’s loan agreement with its foreign creditors into ... more→